20 tips to guarantee a great relationship with your kids

First off I would like to say hi! How are you doing? I know I have been MIA from blogging for like two and a half months but I swear its for good reason! The first reason is being Mom is more demanding than I initially thought, and also when it’s not demanding well why on earth would I want to be away from that gorgeous face!
And second I was busy finishing my degree, that’s right I am now an educated adult ! Boom! Job offers should be rolling in any day now right? School actually really sucked, I mean I had finals and papers due on Mother’s Day how rude was that? My first Mother’s Day and I was hunched over a computer! Ah well it was worth it to be done with school. Anyways for Mother’s Day my mama sent me an awesome gift! She sent me a journal and inside she had written 20 tips to making sure I had an awesome relationship with my kids. I must say as a product of these teachings they really work. I love my mom, she has always been my best friend and I think that right there is proof that her guidelines work.
  1. First and foremost talk to them about God and teach them how to pray.
  2. Always listen to your kids…” Really Listen” and talk to them like real people.
  3. Tell them you love them every day, kiss them everyday, and hug them every day. Never ever,ever,ever let them not hug you back. ( when I was growing up my mom would literally not let us go until we hugged her, and the one armed hug didn’t fly) * This ensures they never get to old for hugs.
  4. Treat them with respect, remember they are just like you.
  5. Trust them. If they make a mistake, give them an opportunity to redeem themselves.
  6. Make hot chocolate for them in the middle of the night.
  7. If you make a mistake (which you will,) admit it.
  8. Have donuts for dinner everyone in a while. ( I always thought this was the greatest dinner when I was a kid!)
  9. Believe and encourage their dreams, no matter how crazy they may be. Support them! ( True story: my brother has always dreamt of drifting professionally,crazy right?, and my mom has always cheered him on, also this is what he actually does now. Well he is getting there.)
  10. Always remember how lucky you are to hear their noise, see their mess, and correct their mistakes. What if you couldn’t because they weren’t there anymore? ( My mom also used this on us when we would complain about each other, it was so annoying because then I would feel guilty about being upset about one of my sisters taking my clothes or my brother being loud, but she is right)
  11. Drink virginmargaritas with them and dance on the table.
  12. Play in the rain and make mud pies.
  13. Run around the playground and play tag. ( I always loved that my mom never just sat on the bench and watched us play but would join in)
  14. Remember the best way to lead them in life is through example.
  15. Sing at the top of your lungs with them.
  16. Give them experiences more than material things.
  17. Let them believe in Santa, the tooth fairy, and the Easter bunny for as long as they can.
  18. Play dress up or get on the floor and race cars.
  19. Dance around the house as you clean with them.
  20. Always, always remember that just like when they are little and you stood under the tree to catch them in case they fell when they climb; in life you should always be there ready to catch them if they fall.
Well there you have it. Take this information and raise great kids. Love them, be their best friend and remember they are people too, just like you were at that age. I hope you all have a lovely weekend! Enjoy the holiday, stuff your bellies with Bar-B-Que and beer ( or wine, whatever hits your fancy)

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