Things they don’t tell you about being a grown up

Hello dear blog of mine.
It has been awhile. I know I know I have neglected you but I promise to try and keep you updated from now on.

So I must give a slight rant about a few things I wish I knew about being a grownup before it happened or maybe if someone could have given me this list the day I became one. Which I am not entirely sure was the day I turned 18 it possibly was years after. You know what I am not sure I am fully a grown up . Granted I do have a child, a degree, and I’m married but I still feel like I’m 16.

1. You know how when you are a kid and “Grown ups” always tell you, ” You have to go to college, you wont get a good job without one.” This is a lie. I have my degree, a good one too, and you know what! I still can’t find a job. And it is not for lack of trying. I mean I applied to soooo many! I even got a few interviews, and NADA. I even had the perfect “Grown Up” job lined up. I swear I aced that interview, I know I was everything they were looking for but no, they shut me down. But I could understand that, maybe someone had more experience than I did. BUT you know what I decided I will even try for a small job a temp job so to speak, and you know what! I DIDNT EVEN GET INTERVIEWED! Just a rejection letter. It wouldn’t have been so bad had I not just received 4 rejection letters that very same day.

2. When you have a party on Friday, you may still find random beer cans around your house on Tuesday because the cleaning fairy or Mom for short was not there to clean up after you.

3. So if you happen to land a nice little job and have money to buy fancy things, you really need to take care of them. Let me tell you this, if those fancy things break guess what, you are going to have to pay for it. Yes, you will have to come up with the extra cash to replace that fancy iPhone or that nice jogging stroller you strutted around with on your morning jog and then crash into a pile of dirt ( don’t worry the baby was fine, I caught myself before anything major happened but my front wheel did come off.)

4. You have to worry about taxes. Yeah when you get a job and they tell you “Hey you are gonna make this much…” Well it’s a lie. Sort of (sometimes you can get it back.) But there is a medicare tax, a state tax, federal tax, social security and possibly a few more. I mean what happened to the days of getting paid cash for babysitting or mowing the lawn.  Also you have to worry about tax season and making sure you fill out those thousands of forms out correctly.

5.  Unexpected bills are your responsibility. Like when you have to have your wisdom teeth taken out and your insurance doesn’t cover it completely. Or what if you don’t have dental insurance then you have to pay for the whole thing out of pocket.

6. Also the life you see people living on a television show does not exist. For one they always look perfect even after a bloody battle. I mean seriously it is unbelievable to think that if I got in a fight my makeup would still look the same afterwards. Also on TV shows everyone is just so damn good looking. Seriously I have considered moving to Bluebell, Alabama because everyone on the show Hart of Dixie is gorgeous. I would just love to be surrounded by that many beautiful people all the time. I dunno on second thought maybe not, I am not sure that would be very good for my self esteem.

7. You really really need to watch what you eat and work out because the metabolism you had at 15 won’t last. OK my momma actually did teach me this but I know some people don’t know it until they are surrounded by Oreos having a pity party because their old jeans don’t fit anymore.

8. And last for now, cereal cannot be every meal you have. Nor can top ramen or macaroni and cheese, eventually you will have to learn how to cook.

Alright that is it. I think I feel a little better.



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