Life Lesson


This morning I am just browsing the internet, I know I should probably be doing something productive, but I was doing my basic checks before I start my day and I saw a writing prompt on my Reader from Word Press. The prompt came from The Daily Post and the theme was Apology. Its funny that I saw this today, yesterday we had an entire conversation about apologizing and what it means with our daughter.

You see yesterday Little Miss Cherry was not behaving. She was being rude and demanding and had decided anything I said didn’t matter. Now we have bouts like this every now and then and by the end she apologizes and I forgive her. But yesterday was a little different.

Yesterday she apologized, she said that she was sorry for not listening to me and for throwing a fit. I said thank you for apologizing. She looked at me and asked ” do you forgive me?”

Every time she apologizes I have always made it a point to say I forgive you instead of Its Ok. Because what she did or how she acted was not Ok but I do forgive her because she realized what she was doing.

Yesterday I said Thank you, and she immediately caught on to the fact that I did not say she was forgiven. I was a little taken aback that she noticed, which reminded me that kids really do pay attention to everything!

So we had a conversation about what apologizing really means. We explained to her that when she says she is sorry she has to mean it and that words are not enough. She needs to show that she feels remorse for the things she did our said and that she is gonna change her actions, in this case behaving and listening to directions, so that the apology is real

This conversation really hit home for her. No fits, she helped around the house when asked, she went to bed without problems, Little Miss really took what we said to heart. At the end of the night ,when she was giving me a good night hug she asked “Momma, did you forgive me?”

Yes, I  do. Because I know that when you said sorry you really meant it. 



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