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Tile has saved my life

OK! If you don’t know me then I have to tell you something. I lose everything. I would lose my head if I didn’t have a metal plate holding it in place. I lose my phone at a cyclic rate. I lose my wallet, my purse, my keys, everything. I just can never remember where I put stuff. I mean when I say lose I don’t mean its gone forever I mean it is somewhere, usually in my house, and I have misplaced it. In the last few month I have majorly miss placed my keys….twice. Like, it was so bad I actually went without my car for a few days because I couldn’t find them. After the last time this happened I decided to do some research on key finders. That is were I stumbled upon Tile. This thing is AMAZING!!!! It is a little square [tile] thingamajig that you put on your keys ( or anything you want to keep track of) and when you lose or misplace them you just ding them from the Tile app on your phone. SOOO EASY!

IMG_4558 copy

Ok so here is how it works. You download the App, create a login and all the jazz. When you have miss placed your keys you simply press the FIND button and if you are within a 100 fit of Bluetooth range it will start to ring! Oh but what if you are not within 100 ft, you ask! Well, the Tile App automatically records the last time it saw and detected your tile and will give you that location. So, you know exactly where to start your search. If you still can’t find it, you can use the community search. This means a lost notification is sent out into the Tile world and whenever another Tile user is near by their app will privately (without showing them) send you a ping letting you know your Tile was located! YAY!!!

Dude! I cannot even tell you how much time this little thingy has helped me save just because I don’t have to search up and down for my keys. I literally used it the morning while rushing out of my house and found my keys in seconds. Like before it would have taken me ages to find them.

So seriously if you are one of those people that misplace things a lot you can get one here!

Also this little guy is not limited to keys, you can use it for anything you want to attach it too! Your purse, bike, camera, selfie stick, your husband, anything!


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